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When Angels Cry, novel, paperback, adult subject matter, 258 pages.....$27.99

When Angels Cry

        It was a night she would long remember, and desperately long to forget. She would later ponder how one brief moment in time--one truth revealed--could initiate a series of events that would crumble her world. Five days before Christmas, Emily's husband of fourteen years abandons her and their four young children in a trailer in the head of an eastern Kentucky hollow.

     Suffering from an undiagnosed lung ailment, Emily must summon the courage, willpower and strength to cope with her heartache, her poverty, her sickness, and rearing her children alone, as well as the condemnation of her family and the church. She also must come to terms with mistakes of her past and injustices long hidden that now begin to surface. Emily's Appalachian roots and values, and her religious convictions, shape her struggle to find peace and fulfillment in a world that, to her, has gone mad.


This is a synopsis of When Angels Cry.  Based on true events, this fictionalized account is 258 pages long. Each chapter ends with a poem that gives insight into the mind and heart of Emily as she struggles to overcome the heartache of divorce.

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