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What About Brian, religious articles, paperback, 52 pages.....$4.95

What About Brian is a collection of twenty articles, listed below:   

                Gimme That Old-Time Religion                
                    I Forgot That I Was Sick                     
                       Is My God Alive                         
                    Broken Salmon                       
                        Laying Tile                           
                     Easier to Get In                       
                    Don't Get Used to It                       
          Are You Afraid to Own Your Lord            
                    What About Brian                       
                  I'm Just Thinking                     
                My Own Trusted Friend                 
                    Better Me Than You                     
                   A Cookie Cutter World                   
                    Standing in a Deep, Dark Pit                   
                        Cut It Off                           
                   Ready or Not, Here I Come                  
                      All That Glitters                       
                         Heart Trouble                           
Young'uns, Be Good 
Which Way Are You Going