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Emily Series of Christian Novels
My Little Children
What About Brian
Woman: The Glory of Man

Miscellaneous Religious Articles

Bad Samaritans
Behaving Like Daddy

The Blessing of Being Bowlegged
Brainless Barack?
Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah (A Study of Matthew 19:9)
Bought at a Price
For the Children
Grace Stinks
The Guilty Party
Harmonizing Matthew 19:9
Herod and Herodias
Is Celibacy Demanded of the Divorced
It Is Not Good for Man to Be Alone
The Law Shall Go Forth of Zion
Matthew 19:9 Versus I Corinthians 7
The Polygamy Factor
Thou Hast Had Five Husbands
What's Fair for the Goose: Fractured Fairytale Regarding Divorce and Remarriage

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At Hand
Building of the Church
Coming Again
Confirmed to the End
Consummation of the Ages
Damnation of Hell
Dreadful Day of the Lord
Elements Melting
E-mail on the Resurrection
Facebook Note and Comments
Found Written in the Book
Last Days
NEW!!! Many Mansions NEW!!!
New Name
Prophets Passing out of the Land
Questions for Those Who Do Not Believe in Fulfilled Eschatology
Ransom from the Grave
Redemption of the Body
Revelation Duh Moment
Third Coming?
Two Different Comings?

Was Jesus Really the Messiah?
When the Righteous Shine

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