The Soup Bean War

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The Soup Bean War,
enoyable reading for young and old,
paperback, 96 pages,
prequel to
The Melting  Pot.....$7.95

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ISBN: 1-883207-05-3

- Highlights -

Emily Conn is spending her last summer before starting school. She doesn't feel ready and looks forward to the coming year with dread.

The lazy summer days begin with a nasty accident, but life becomes more fun than Emily could ever have imagined when her older cousin Brad comes to visit from Michigan. Mystery and intrigue prevail as the summer progresses. Finally things become so involved that the sheriff pays a visit to the Conn home to try to unravel the events that have culminated in a costly fire in the little community known as Mare Creek.

The Soup Bean War is the first book in a series based on the childhood of Tina Rae Collins in Appalachian Kentucky, beginning the story that The Melting Pot continues.