Tales from the Coop

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Tales from the Coop, fable for young and old, paperback, 128 pages.....$7.95

- Highlights -

     This collection of short stories follows the life of Chirpy Chicken and his family and the exciting adventures that they have. Starting from a humble beginning in the barnyard, Chirpy sets out into the world to seek his fortune, and find it he does.

     Along the way he encounters lions, tigers, and bears. Well, wolves and dinosaurs anyway. He meets a great lady hen and rescues her from the notorious chickennappers who are intent on making her into chicken soup. He even gets a chance to rescue his wife Penelope's sister from a stranded moon expedition.

     When our country is in trouble, on whom does the president call? Why, Chirpy of course!

     Chirpy has a large number of brothers and sisters and they live exciting lives as well. Chirpy's brother, Charles, does not always do the things his mother taught him, and as a result he gets into big trouble. In fact, Charles lands in jail because he is so unpleasant to be around that people just naturally think that when the bank was robbed, he must be the one who did it. The experience Charles has while he is in jail leads to a reform in the way he lives. Of course the Widow Cluck may have played a part in his change of lifestyle as well.

     Along with stories about Chirpy and Charles are several stories about Chirpy's chicks. These chicks, like most kids, have a great ability to get into trouble. On several occasions it almost leads to disaster.

     Fortunately Chirpy and Penelope have taught their chicks well, and they are intelligent and resourceful enough to apply the principles they have been taught to successfully get out of the dangerous situations in which they find themselves.

     Chirpy takes several of the chicks with him to the supersecret Chicken Research Institute research facility in Utah where there are strange goings on. An earthquake disrupts the safety installation and puts Chirpy and the chicks in great danger.

     The stories in Tales from the Coop are designed to apply principles of high ideals to situations to allow readers to see the principle in action. The book contains stories designed to uplift and educate rather than pull down. Readers young and old will benefit from the adventures of Chirpy and his wonderful family.


From the Back Cover

Chirpy Chicken never forgot his humble roots in the barnyard of his master, nor will he ever forget the day that his beloved mother went to provide the farmer's lunch. Launching his career from that traumatic event, Chirpy begins a series of adventures that lead to encounters with strange and wonderful creatures, romance, and new discoveries. With his close association to the fabulous Chicken Research, Incorporated, comes easy access to the latest technology provided by that world-leading research group. Chirpy uses these technological marvels in overcoming all sorts of problems from giant robots to astronauts stranded on the moon. And we must not forget the trials and tribulations of Chirpy's brother Charles, who finds out the hard way that laziness and rudeness do not pay. Wonder if the Widow Cluck had anything to do with Charles' change of attitude?

In our generation many writers have forgotten that entertainment is to entertain, and entertainment must first be interesting. This talented duo of authors has succeeded in spinning tales of charm, amusement, and romance without becoming sordid. They never lose track of the fact that life is first of all about character, and the characters in their stories build character, both of the actors in the story and of the readers who delight in their adventures. These stories, while first of all entertaining, emphasize those values that have stood the test of time. It is good wholesome material that you would be pleased to give to your nephew or niece with no concerns regarding language or dubious subject matter. This book is destined to be a favorite among younger readers and parents alike.

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