All Things to God's Glory

By Rachel Johnson

My husband, Michael, and I usually read the Bible together every night before bed. One night, we came upon 1 Corinthians 10:31, which says: Whether therefore ye eat, or drink, or whatever ye do, do all things to God's glory. I immediately wondered how one could do all things to God's glory, so I started looking at the things I do.
One thing I always try to do is exercise every morning. (I chose it because it's very important to me, and how I feel the rest of the day usually depends on whether or not I exercise in the morning). Exercising obviously has many benefits and it makes me feel wonderful; but other than keeping my body healthy, which I know pleases God, I never thought it was really something I did to God's glory. I just always did it because I wanted to feel good and help make myself look better.
But when I started thinking about that verse and thinking about exercising, I realized how I could do it to God's glory and how it's all in the way we look at things. I had been looking at exercise purely selfishly, but it all suddenly dawned on me: The better I take care of myself and the healthier I am, that makes me a better woman and a better Christian. The better woman I am, makes me a better wife, and some day the better mother I'll be.

And it doesn't just stop there, either. The better you feel about yourself, the better you'll treat others. The healthier you are generally means the happier you are (exercising is a great pick-me-up); and if you're happier, you'll be kinder to others and be a better influence on other people. And for us wives, the happier we are, the happier our husbands are!
Those are probably just some of the ways exercising and being healthier can impact other areas of your life. Since I realized this, exercising has become less of a chore and less of something I do just for myself. I exercise for Michael and for my family and so that I can be better example to others! I take my time to exercise as a time to grow and to become a better, stronger person. It really helps, too, if I listen to Christian music while I exercise. It helps me focus on God and helps me all the more exercise to the glory of God. When I get tired, I know God is there backing me up, saying I can keep going!
Maybe the rest of you ladies had already figured all this out, but I am only twenty-one. I just wanted to share that with you, because it really made a difference in my life. It really helped me realize how I can look at all things I do in my life and figure out how to do them in order to be glorifying God.

Rachel Johnson
October 14, 2008