When He Died on the Cross

I dreamed that I was at Calvary
The day my Savior died.
I dreamed I stood beneath the cross
On which He was crucified.

His blood dripped onto my outstretched hands,
As I lifted them high to pray;
And the shame and disgrace of the sins of my life
I felt in my soul that day.

His blood was on my hands, and I could not wash it away.
His blood was on my hands when He died on the cross that day.

I awoke with a start in a cold, cold sweat;
And I lifted weak hands to pray.
I thanked Jehovah for the blood of His Son
That had washed my sins away.

I remembered the river where I was baptized
To contact the blood of my Lord.
The crimson flow washed me white as snow,
And His blood stained my hands no more.

His blood was on my hands, but He washed it all away;
Salvation God bestowed when Christ died on the cross that day.

Tina Rae Collins

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