Silent Hands

They say angels are messengers
Sent from above
Guiding us, helping us
Resist unto blood
And I know it's true 'cause I'd never be
Able to overcome
What overcomes me

Having no sustenance
Down on my luck
Wandering, bewildered
In the mud and the muck
Faithful ones find me and they take me in
Feed me and lead me
Where I've never been

Emptied and weary
I fall on my face
Losing all sight of
God's wonderful grace
Filled with misgivings, discouraged, depressed
Somehow I'm lifted
Somehow I'm blessed

Silent hands rescue me
Give me hope, set me free
Take me into a place
Of peace
When my eyes cannot see
And my heart fails me
Silent hands
Silent hands
Rescue me

Christina Elizabeth Dozier
August 26, 2008