Promises He Made to Her

Promises he made to her
When they were very young.
Sacred vows of faithfulness
Flowed sweetly from his tongue.

Totally obsessed with her,
He knew their life would be
Lived just like a fairy tale
And ended happily.

She was full of love for him.
And glad to be his bride,
Knowing, through the storms of life,
She'd never leave his side.

Basking in his words of love,
She planned a family.
All she'd ever need was him,
And children--two or three.

Years and having babies made
Her change before his eyes.
She had lost her wit and charm;
His vows had not been wise.

Though he too had aged a bit,
Her love for him just grew.
He was still her charming prince,
And she'd always be true.

Promises he broke one night,
And how her heart weeps now.
He knows, though, their love was not
The real thing anyhow.

Tina Rae Collins

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