My Baby Boy
(For Seth)

Dear Lord, the days have swiftly gone;
My baby is no more.
Did I not wean him just last year?
Last month did he turn four?

Last week did he first ride his bike
Without the training wheels?
(I laughed to watch his little dog
Go barking at his heels.)

And was it yesterday he asked
To lick the cookie bowl?
He had me look for ghosts beneath
His bed last night, I know.

Today did I not dry his tears
When he was teased at school?
Was he not spanked this morning when
He broke the Golden Rule?

Could this young man I look upon
Be that small child of mine?
No, no, my baby couldn't be
Much more than eight or nine.

Oh, God! the baby boy I bore
Too soon from me is gone.
I trust I raised him well for You--
And, thank You for the loan.

Tina Rae Collins

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