I Once Lived

I once lived in a lovely place--
Quiet, peaceful, warm.
I ate my food and grew and grew,
And added to my form.

I kicked and played and sucked my thumb
And tossed and turned at will.
I was so glad to be alive
(And should be living still).

My mommy's voice I often heard.
Her voice was sweet and low.
Her words I listened to with joy.
Her laughter pleased me so.

But then one day my mommy said,
"My body's only mine;
I'll kill this child inside of me,
For now it's not a crime."

And so my mommy gave to me
A very salty drink.
I swelled and burned and bled and shook
And almost could not think.

And in my final lonely hour,
When I was hurting so,
I begged my mom to let me live;
But Mommy told me no.

Tina Rae Collins

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