Growing Old

Your heart is beating slow;
Your cheeks no longer glow.

Your bones are getting thin,

And when you laugh you're peein'.

Your veins are popping out;
You have a bit of gout;
Your eyes are growing dim;
You've lost your vigor 'n' vim.

Your teeth are cracked and stained,
And oh the weight you've gained!
Your sugar is quite high,
And death is drawing nigh.

But if you are concerned,

Then here's what I have learned:

Nutrition is a key

To your longevity.


More sleep will buy you time,

And make you feel sublime.

Essential oils are great—

Have sex and meditate!


Be sure to walk and run,
And try to get some sun;
Drink water to your fill--
And pop another pill!

And then, as I am told,
You'll gracefully grow old--
And linger all alone
In yon fair nursing home.

Tina Dozier
January 5, 2008