The Blood

The blood is in the body,
And the life is in the blood;
And nothing you can do outside
Can ever be enough.
Your faith might bring you near,
And good works may take you far;
But the blood is in the body,
And the life is in the blood.

First Verse:
Sometimes I get to wond'ring
If what they say is true--
That having faith in Jesus
Is all I need to do.
But then I search my Bible
And hear His words divine:
"Deny yourself and follow me
And you will know you're mine."


Second Verse:
We work the works of Jesus,
And serve Him as we can--
By doing for our neighbor
And for our fellow man.
But working cannot save us
Nor faith alone indeed.
The precious blood of Jesus Christ
Is what we really need.


Third Verse:
Believe He is Messiah;
Confess His precious name;
Amend your life to please Him--
You'll never be the same.
But here's a little secret
About our Savior's will--
Unless you're plunged beneath the flood,
Your sins will linger still.

Tina Rae Collins