I Wish I May
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I Wish I May,
enoyable reading for young and old,
paperback, 94 pages, 
sequel to The Soup Bean War, 
and The Melting  Pot.....$7.95
(Also, get the entire Emily series as a set: More Info)

ISBN: 978-1-883207-06-9
Sample chapter

- Highlights -

Emily Conn is seven years old and is in second grade. She has finally accepted the idea that she must go to school and get an education, but then her world is suddenly shaken when her family moves from her beloved Mare Creek and her older twin sisters get married. She struggles to adjust to her new, larger school and make friends in a strange environment.


Emily learns about a different culture and tries to keep out of trouble in a school where she is unsure of all the rules. More exciting but challenging events occur at home, and Emily must learn to cope with even more change. Emily encounters uncomfortable situations that require understanding and compassion, and she gradually begins to realize that life can be good even in a changing world.

I Wish I May is the third book in a series based on the childhood of Tina Rae (Collins) Dozier in Appalachian Kentucky, continuing the story of The Soup Bean War and The Melting Pot