As Evening Falls

Daylight fades as the sun has set
Twilight still is lingering yet.
See the colors up in the sky
Who put them up there, tell me why?

Now the day darkens toward night,
Still there is a beautiful sight.
Twinkling stars one by one appear
Making God's presence seem so near.

Light from the stars, the moon and sun
Made for us by God's Holy One!
All creation gives Him glory!
As we sing love's greatest story.

From whence came this blessed treasure
Piercing heart and soul with pleasure?
God Almighty did it for us!
Won't you join our happy chorus?

Flee the one who tries to seize us.
Give your life and all to Jesus!
He said we can all receive Him,
If we trust and will believe Him.

He will save us if we obey.
Will you not come to Him today?
You can have your sins washed away.
Be immersed into Him today!

--An original poem by Daniel and David Ferguson

This came to my eight year old son (who was recently baptized) and I as we were driving along the highway and watching the sky as nighttime fell about us. Although it was extremely cold, it was still nonetheless an absolutely gorgeous spectacle displayed before our eyes as the sun dipped below the horizon. My son started singing "See the colors up in the sky! Who put them up there, tell me why?" to the tune of "Deck the Halls!" (with all the accompanying fa la la la la la la la las!) and the rest seemed to take on a life of its own.

We hope you found something worthwhile here. May God bless you!

David Ferguson