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Down Mare Creek Road, poetry, hardback, 147 pages.....$8.95

Down Mare Creek Road

This book is a collection of poems written over a period of 20 years. From her humble beginning on Mare Creek Road in Floyd County, Kentucky, to her school days, from the death of her parents to her marriage and the births of her children, from her travels to Michigan and Texas and back to Eastern Kentucky, Tina Rae Collins shares her faith, love, hopes, joys, and passion as well as her sorrows, pain, grief, and fears.

"If my heart could speak,
The tales that it could tell;
The sorrows it could share;
The wails that it could wail.

If my heart could speak,
The world would understand...

If my heart could speak."

From: "If My Heart Could Speak"

Tina Rae Collins' heart does speak, and it speaks very well. This collection of poetry is the heart of Tina Rae Collins, and it is sure to get to the heart and soul of everyone who reads it.