By Max Burgin

      What sensational headlines the above would make; the news media would be so full of stories, and even much speculation, that it would be impossible to find anyone who was not aware of the search. There would even be many who would be seeking a reputation in finding him, and bringing him before civil authorities, with little or no concern for their own situation.


But this man is not hiding, and walking in fear, looking over his shoulder, and running from any authority.


It is very rare for the police to arrest a person for the purpose of taking them into protective custody for their own safety. But this man was arrested by God Himself, as he walked quite openly and was taken into protective custody, all because he was the world's most wanted man--wanted by God.  So complete was the protective custody that he never even saw death, the only person in history that can be said of. Even Jesus could not escape death, but Enoch did--he was favoured by God like no other can ever expect.


We generally think of wanted people as being dangerous, and fugitives who should be avoided, but in this case he should be imitated, and imitating him will enhance our lives and find God's approval and acceptance.


Enoch was a very outstanding man, and the world is in dire need of many more like him.


All because he "walked with God." That is what made him outstanding as the world's most wanted man. Because he "walked with God" he was exempt from being wanted by any civil authority, but rather "God took him." God will not take us, like He "took" Enoch, but our object, and desire, should be that He also wants us. But that  will only be so if we also walk with God. Enoch is an example of the end result of such a walk.


Such a walk through life will never draw much attention from the news media, but the rewards are of greater value than it can offer, and are eternal, and cannot be lost, or corrupted.             

This life is not sensational enough for many to be satisfied, but living it as Enoch did is the only way to get God's attention and approval.


Those who don't "walk with God" also have an eternal reward to look forward to, which also cannot be lost or corrupted, and can gain great media attention, and will result in eternal remorse and regret.


Either way you cannot avoid being a wanted person, but the way you live, whether it be wanted by God for His eternal blessings, or wanted by man for an undesired reward, which will result in an eternal reward of suffering.


You cannot avoid walking through life, but is it a "walk with God"?


Does God want you?


Are you concerned about being among the world's most wanted people?


Max Burgin