Tales from the Coop

Chapter 1

Chirpy Finds a Home

       Little chirpy Chicken was snug and warm. He had had a hard day at play, and he was tired and sleepy. All he wanted to do was snuggle up beneath his mother's wing and take a nice, long nap. His mother had pulled all her tiny little chickens beneath her large wings. Chirpy was nestled there under his mother with all his brothers and sisters, cheeping peacefully as the stars cheerily winked up in the night sky.

       As the dew moistened the earth and the wind blew softly from the east, Chirpy could hear a dog bark down in the creek bottom. He snuggled peacefully, but wearily, under his mother's breast. He thought about his busy day of chasing June bugs and grasshoppers. Once his mother even gave him a corn seed that she found. He was so proud.

       Now it was evening and he was ready to rest under the warm breast of his mother and prepare for tomorrow and many tomorrows of hunting and pecking and eating and clucking, as chickens are supposed to do.

       Just as Chirpy was about to drift off to sleep, he was jarred from his peaceful thoughts and dreams.

       A violent disturbance erupted in the barnyard. Chickens were squawking and calling frantically for help in their chicken way.

       What was going on? Chirpy did not know, but he snuggled even closer to his mother for protection. He was so thankful for her nice warm body to keep him safe at night. He buried his head in her feathers and tried to forget about the trouble in the barnyard. But it was not to be.

       Chirpy's mother was suddenly snatched from Chirpy's shivering body. He was left with the cold draft of the evening air to ruffle his feathers. He opened his eyes wide in horror to see what happened to his beloved mother.

       Chirpy's worst nightmare was coming true. He saw the master of the farm holding his mother in his big rough hands as he disappeared into the woodshed. That was the last time Chirpy ever saw his mother. He guessed she wound up as Sunday dinner, but he never saw her again to know.

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