The Blame Game

     Some black people whine about how my white ancestors made them slaves and now I have to make it up to them. The simple fact is that some blacks make themselves slaves today. They are led around by the nose by people like Jeremiah Wright, being provoked to hate, anger, and rebellion. If they would open up their eyes and look about them, they would see that they are free--free to be anything and anyone they want to be. No offense to them, but maybe they ought to stop and think for a minute that they might just be "slave material."

     No wonder Michelle Obama was never proud of her country until now. If I sat for twenty years listening to someone like Jeremiah Wright rant and rave about how black men had enslaved my white ancestors, I wouldn't be very proud either. But enslaving myself to my anger, feeling of hopelessness, and refusal to take responsibility and change my destiny would certainly not be the answer. Some blacks like to blame their lot in life on white people; but we all have our problems that we have to overcome. I myself grew up dirt poor. But I studied hard and was valedictorian of my class and got a scholarship to college.

     My children used to play a "game" when they were little. It's called the "blame game." When they would start blaming one another for something that happened, one of them would invariably say it was their dad's and my fault for having them. Then of course it was our parents' fault for having us. Eventually, as you can imagine, it all fell at the foot of God. At that point everyone grew silent and somber and the "game" stopped. If everyone in this country would come to the realization that, despite our background or what problems we might have to deal with, we've got a pretty good deal here, we would all be a lot happier and race relations would be greatly improved.

     Personally, I am sick of the whining. I think it's time to get over it. I am also sick of the fact that the only person left that it's okay to criticize is a white man. You can't talk about blacks and you can't say anything bad about women. But white men are fair game for everyone. In my not-so-humble opinion, the white male is the one in this country that is being abused today. But I don't see white men whining or even saying much at all about it.

     Black or white, we make our own decisions and we're in control of our own destiny. We need to spend our short lives doing the best we can to make life better for ourselves and our fellow man instead of whining about how we or our ancestors have been mistreated. And this applies in every area of our lives, even religion. We can't blame our preacher. We can't blame our teachers. We can't blame our ancestors--even our parents. God gave us His Word and He gave us an intellect to be able to understand it.

     1 Corinthians 7:23 (NASB) says: "You were bought with a price; do not become the slaves of men." We all need to learn not to be "slave material." We need to think for ourselves and be confident and sure. Then we won't need to blame anybody else for what befalls us--either now or hereafter.

Tina Collins Dozier
March 20, 2008