I Love Him

This morning I told God I love Him. For the very first time I expressed those words to Him. That may sound bizarre to people who always verbalize their love for God. It might sound odd to those who never do. 
But what is strange to me is that it took me fifty-four years to say "I love you" to the Master of the universe. Why did I have to be more than half a century old, and almost a grandmother, before I told my Creator I love Him? Why did it never occur to me to do that? Did I never truly feel it? 
I know I have always feared God. I know I have respected Him and tried to honor Him. I have also appreciated Him. But did I love Him?
If it never entered my mind to tell Him, then did I really love God? Or did I just use Him to get what I wanted--to beg Him to help me make good grades in school or ask Him to provide my daily bread or keep my children safe?
I have proclaimed to God that He is awesome and wonderful. I have thanked Him profusely. I have even sung about my love for God--both standing up and shouting it and sitting down and whispering it. But until this morning I had never personally made the statement "I love you, God." 
I am guessing that I am not the only one who has failed in this way. Maybe we think that because God is omniscient He already knows we love Him. But I'm thinking He very much wants to hear it.
I continually declare my love for my children. I have told several men in my life that I loved them. I myself want to hear those three little words every day. No, I want to hear them more than once a day.  
So why would I not suspect that God might like to hear me speak my love for Him? He desires my love. He has even commanded that I love Him. He wants praise and adoration. So wouldn't He be eager to hear the words "I love you, Father" come out of my mouth? 
Well, from now on I plan to tell Him often. I love God. I love Him!  I do!
And I am content in that love. I am at peace because I know that "God's in His heaven--All's right with the world." I am happy because Jehovah, my God, my Redeemer, my Savior, my Lord, loves me and is taking care of me. 
And I love God!  I love Him because He first loved me. 

Tina Rae Collins