Healing Hannah's Heart

Once upon a time, in a land very nearby, there lived a girl named Hannah. Hannah was very happy, content, and peaceful. And why not? She lived in a glorious land with sunshine all the time. In fact, it never rained and the skies were not cloudy all day.
But, as is usually so, one problem did exist in this land. A virus thrived there--a very dangerous and deadly virus that attacked the heart. And sooner or later it hit nearly everyone--at least most of the people who lived to adulthood. And Hannah was just blossoming into a woman.
One day, while Hannah was on a trip with some friends, the virus hit her. She felt it deep within her. Something had changed. Hannah became weak and overcome with despair. She thought she could even see clouds in the skies above her. The deadly virus had finally come into Hannah's heart.
But Hannah knew a cure existed. She had heard it in the meetings she had gone to with her parents. She had seen it on the television and heard it on the radio. She had even read it in the book left by the Great Physician.

While still on her trip, Hannah went to the doctor in the town where she and her friends were. He said that she shouldn't listen to him because he was a mere man with no special abilities. But he told her about some men who had been trained by the Great Physician. He told her that these men were never wrong about anything they said regarding the virus she had and its effect upon her. Hannah knew the doctor was right because she had been taught by her parents about the Great Physician and the physicians he had trained. The doctor sent Hannah to the Physician's disciples.
The first physician Hannah visited was named Peter. Hannah told him about her problems and he said, "Hannah, are you getting enough sleep?"
"Oh yes!" Hannah replied. "I sleep eight hours every night. My parents brought me up faithfully to do that."
"Very good," Peter said. "Then, Hannah, here is what you must do. I want you to get fifteen minutes of sunshine every day and drink the medicine in this bottle. That will cure you. It will cure you and your family and anybody out there." Peter gave her the bottle of medicine and she put it in her purse.
"Wonderful!" Hannah said. She started out the door and as she was leaving Peter spoke again.
"Hannah," he said, "That bottle of medicine will save you. Your heart will not be well without it."
Hannah's next physician was Dr. Luke. He checked her out and said, "I can tell by looking at you that you're getting enough sleep. That's basic, you know."
Dr. Luke told Hannah that she needed fifteen minutes of sunshine every day. He also told her about the story of a man who was in charge of taking care of a queen. "When this man got the virus, he recognized right away that he needed medicine," Dr. Luke said. "When he saw it he asked for it. And when he had finished the bottle he went on his way rejoicing, knowing that the virus was gone."
"Wow," Hannah said, "sunshine and the bottle of medicine. That's what Peter told me too."
Hannah then went to the disciple named Mark. Mark looked her over and immediately said, "Hannah, get enough sleep and drink that medicine Peter gave you. He that gets enough sleep and drinks that medicine will live; but he that doesn't get enough sleep will die."
Hannah went back to her room. She thought about what all the physicians had told her. Peter had talked about sunshine and the medicine. Dr. Luke had mentioned sunshine too and he had been very strong on the medicine. Mark had told her that if she wanted to live she must sleep enough and drink the medicine. That all sounded good to her. She knew she could do it. She determined that when she got home from her trip she would tell her parents about this and follow the advice and get well.
But when Hannah got home and began talking to her family, they confused her. Her older brother, who was living in Rome, called her up and said, "Hannah, what is this I hear about you wanting to drink some kind of medicine? What good do you think that will do you? Didn't our mother nurse you when you were a baby? That gave you all the antibodies you need against disease. Isn't that good enough for you?"
Of course Hannah was very thankful that her mother had cared for her as a child and done the best she could do by her. But what about the disciples of the Great Physician? Wasn't it true that they were right about everything? Hannah went to talk to her dad. He was just coming in from a snow skiing trip.
"Oh Hannah, honey," her dad said, "don't you know there is nothing you can do to save yourself from this virus? It strikes whom it will and we are powerless against it. Some people get healed and some die. It's just the luck of the draw. The best thing you can do is eat, drink, and be merry."
Now Hannah was really confused. So she went to her mother. Hannah's mother was a valley girl from California. She had a guru who told her what to do. "Hannah, you can't, like, listen to everybody.  You have to feel it in your own heart. Your heart will, like, tell you what to do. Just meditate."
Hannah went upstairs and lay down on her bed and cried and cried. The next day she got out the phone book and looked for a doctor. She didn't want to go to her family doctor. She wanted to try someone new. She found Dr. Joy down on Peaceful Way and called for an appointment.
When Hannah saw Dr. Joy she told him everything that had happened. "Hannah," he said, "your mother was right about one thing. You can't listen to what other people say. But some people you can listen to, and that is the disciples of the Great Physician. They are never wrong."
"Yes, that's what I have heard," Hannah said.
"And what did they tell you, Hannah?"
"They said the sleep I've been getting most of my life is basic.  And they said I should get fifteen minutes of sunshine every day and they were very adamant about drinking this bottle of medicine." She showed Dr. Joy the medicine.
"And you believe what they say?" Dr. Joy asked.

"Oh yes, of course!" Hannah replied.
"So what is the problem, Hannah? Can you not do those things?"
"Well, sure, I can do them."
"Then, again, Hannah, what's the problem? You know the disciples of the Great Physician speak truth. You know you can't trust anyone else. So why are you here?"
"Well, Dr. Joy," Hannah said, "I guess I just don't see the purpose of that medicine. I mean, like my brother said, my mom nursed me when I was a baby. I understand the importance of sleep and sunshine. But what's so special about this medicine? You know it tastes awful, and I if I can get by without it I'd rather do that."
"I see," Dr. Joy said. "Hannah, what were Mark's exact words to you?"
"Let me think," Hannah responded. "He said, 'He that gets enough sleep and drinks that medicine will live; but he that doesn't get enough sleep will die.'"
"There you go," Dr. Joy said.
"But Mark didn't say that I will die if I don't drink the medicine," Hannah protested.
"What do you want, Hannah?" Dr. Joy asked. "Do you want not to die or do you want to live?"

"I want to live!" Hannah exclaimed.
"Then, what did Mark tell you to do in order to live?"
"Get enough sleep and drink the medicine."

"And what did Luke say to do to be healed?"

"Get sunshine and drink the medicine."

"And Peter?"

"Sunshine and medicine."
"Good, Hannah. Don't worry about what it takes to die. Concern yourself with what you need to do in order to live. Mark didn't say you wouldn't die without the medicine. He simply said you would die without the sleep. The disciple Paul also said we are healed by sleep. And of course we are! But Paul also said that drinking the medicine will cleanse us of the virus and heal us. You have to follow all the advice given to you by the Great Physician, Hannah. You can't pick and choose the things you like."

Hannah waved good-bye to Dr. Joy. As she walked down the sidewalk he called to her. "Hannah," he said, "If you really want to live, get fifteen minutes of sunshine and drink the medicine! They all told you to drink the medicine!"
What should Hannah do in order to cure her heart of the virus? If Hannah continues to get sleep but doesn't get any sunshine will she die? If she sleeps and gets the sunshine but fails to drink the medicine, will she die? What would you do if you were Hannah?
Christina Elizabeth Dozier
May 23, 2008