I Want to Go Now!

Yesterday my husband I took our three oldest grandchildren to Houston to visit the aquarium. If you ever get the opportunity you should go because, as they say, a good time was had by all.

I even rode, many times, on the "froggie" (which took us way up into the air and then dropped us), although Malerie says I was screaming louder than anyone. Rylan tried to get me to be quiet because, he said, my stomach would hurt more if I was quiet. He loved the feeling that his insides were coming out, but I decided to keep on screaming to ease that feeling just a little bit.

The whole day was enjoyable, but I had more fun talking with the grandchildren than I did riding the rides or even seeing the sharks and the tiger. Malerie is almost eight and her brother, Rylan, recently turned six. On the way to Houston they talked to Pappy and me about the glories of heaven.

"We won't need the sun there because God is so bright," Rylan said.

Malerie agreed and added, "There's no light in heaven."

Pappy said, "Right, God is the light in heaven."

Then Rylan said something that caused me to turn around in my seat and look at him. His little face was lit up with anticipation when he said, "I want to go now!"  

He had no reservations and no concerns about leaving his home or his friends or his toys. And when I mentioned that he would miss his mommy, he and Malerie assured me that both Mommy and Daddy could go too.

I do not believe I have ever seen so great a faith. These children are ready to go to God. They long to go. They would be willing to give up their earthly existence and "fly away" to their eternal home--today.

Looking at that little six-year-old boy's bright and hopeful face, I understood why Jesus said we need to become converted and be as little children. Rylan and Malerie trust in God completely and rely upon His promises, knowing they have a home prepared for them that is not of this world, and being willing to sacrifice the rest of their lives, and all the joys they have to look forward to as they grow up, in order to see the glory of God.

May God help us older folks to trust in Him as a little child and look forward with eagerness to the day of our departure. May He give us the confidence to say with Rylan, I want to go now!

Tina Rae Dozier
July 11, 2007