The Blessing of Being Bowlegged

A friend who runs complained recently about chafing. It occurred to me that I never chafe--never have and probably never will. Why? My mama done told me many years ago. "Be thankful you're bowlegged," she said, "because when you aren't, your legs rub together and you chafe." A blessing to be bowlegged! Who would have thought!

While walking this morning, I got to thinking that the most unattractive circumstances can present great blessings. I began to think of such blessings in my own life.

I am twice divorced and thrice married. What a blessing! Hard to recognize the blessing in that? Any heartache that we suffer gives us strength and new insights. And with divorce comes the joys of new courtship, new love, new family members, and a new adventure--not to mention new lessons learned.

I have always hated my thin hair. But several women have told me that thick hair makes them very hot. Plus, they must pay someone to thin out their hair from time to time. Another blessing for me!

Iím an asthmatic, which is a real bummer. But without this disease I might not concern myself much with what I eat or how I live my life. Because of my asthma, I have studied health issues and garnered amazing information, consequently practicing a much healthier lifestyle than I otherwise would. Yet another blessing.

I walked three miles yesterday. I hope to do the same today. Being bowlegged, I never know how to walk. Do I turn my feet out so my knees will point forward, or do I turn my knees inward so my feet will go straight? I don't know. But one thing is certain: there will be no chafing--because, thankfully, I am bowlegged!

Tina Rae Dozier
April 24, 2009