Palin in Menopause

Posted by moonbeamsnowflake on September 10, 2008 at 11:46 AM
Tyger in Texas wrote: "Recently I attended a lecture given by Suzanne Somers; she was introducing the Menopause Clinics of America. There were over 1300 people in that ballroom. She gave a great lecture, and at one point said, 'If I could bring a group of PO'd menopausal women to Iraq, it would be over in no time. Bring on the insurgents!'"

Sarah Palin should be menopausal by the time she makes it to President. If the war in Iraq isn't over by then, maybe she will, in a menopausal fit, blow up the whole place. Hey, she might even wake up one morning in an especially bad mood and blow up the USA too. You just never can tell with us women. The jokes about PMS and menopause are made for a reason. "I have PMS and a handgun. Any questions?" Remember that one? Why was it funny? Because it's all too real, that's why.

Christina Elizabeth Dozier
September 10, 2008

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