A Fine Thing

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A Fine Thing,
enoyable reading for young and old,
paperback, 108 pages, 
sequel to The Soup Bean War, 
The Melting  Pot, and I Wish I May.....$9.95

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ISBN: 978-1-453618-98-1


- Highlights -

The fourth in a series, this book continues the story of Emily Conn, who is growing up in the hills of eastern Kentucky. Emily is the next to youngest child in a family of five daughters. She struggles to grow into her own person and learn life's hard lessons. Her adventures and mishaps make for entertaining and often hilarious reading. Emily's story very gently teaches young readers the value of honesty, hard work, and   other moral lessons. In this particular book Emily learns not only to accept change in her life but to respect the idea of responsibility for her actions as she overcomes fear of her peers and begins to stretch herself to take on new challenges.

A Fine Thing is the fourth book in a series based on the childhood of Tina Rae Collins in Appalachian Kentucky, continuing the story that The Soup Bean War began.