Tina Rae Collins
Author and Copy Editor

A little about me:

My favorite books are my "Emily series" of novels. The setting is eastern Kentucky in the Appalachian Mountains in the mid-'50s and early '60s. I have long loved the Laura Ingalls Wilder books and decided that my youth would make a good story if I presented it the way she presented hers. After all, I began my schooling in a one-room school with a pot-bellied stove. We used an outhouse and drank water at school that we carried in buckets from a mountain stream.

I wanted to write books that would entertain, but I also felt that if God had given me a talent to write then I must use that talent to glorify Him. So all my books gently teach moral lessons. Emily, my main character (who, of course, portrays me in the books) is inquisitive and adventurous. She gets herself into some messes but always learns an important truth in the end. I have now published four books in this series. I am offering a special price for the set of four, which is available here on my web site on the Home page.

Besides these books I have published seven others--two poetry books, a fable about chickens that I co-authored with James Johnson, a novel about my divorce, a non-fiction book for pre-teens about growing up in the Lord, a book of religious articles, and a book for women on being the glory of man. All these books are available on this site.

I was producer, director, and star of "Writers Reading," which aired for five years to about 25,000 people on WPRG in Harold, Kentucky. I interviewed authors on that show and was able to read quite a bit from my own writings.

I published my first book, a poetry book called Down Mare Creek Road, in 1993. About that same time I began writing fiction with the novel When Angels Cry (2004), as a form of therapy to get past the pain of a divorce. I called myself Emily in that book and continued with that name when I decided to write my "Emily series" of novels so that my children would have a record of what life was like when I was growing up.

Success for me is not a fat bank account. It is knowing that I have written something that others learn from or enjoy reading. My niece was checking out at a store one time and the woman checking her out was reading my poetry book. The lady pointed to a poem and said, "That's my life!" And that is why I write. I want to share the human experience. I want to say: You are not alone. Or, as Matthew Arnold said in "The Buried Life," "The same heart beats in every human breast."

Most important, I write for the glory of God. If what I write is not pleasing to the Creator of the universe, then it's not worth writing and nobody needs to read it! I try to keep my mind on what is true, honest, just, pure, and lovely. That does not mean that I am  "preachy" or that I don't write about my sorrows or struggles, or even my anger. But I try to make sure of my purpose--that it is to find redeeming value and honor my Father in heaven.

Oh, yeah, and I also write to have fun! If I don't enjoy writing something, most likely nobody will enjoy reading it.